beGLOSS Leather Polish 250 leather cleaner gives leathers a glossy leather look

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beGLOSS CLEAN & CARE LEATHER - leather cleaner and polish

Leather is often exposed to many environmental factors and must always be resistant to these influences yet remain breathable, soft and supple.

Whether it’s clothing, handbags, shoes or accessories, with beGLOSS you take leather care to a whole new level

CLEANER & POLISH united in one product!

Instructions for use are available on every beGLOSS product.

Ingredients: 100% Paraffinum Liquidum



Cleaner for sensitive products made of smooth leather such as handbags, clothing, shoes and accessories.

Reliably removes odours and residues


High-quality, gentle care for sophisticated leather


Thanks to our special formula, the leather is sealed during cleaning


Keeps the leather supple and soft. Protects against aging, fading and cracking


Prevents colour loss and gives the leather the optimum shine


Only the best! Without unnecessary additives


Saves time and money. The beGLOSS leather cleaner combines cleaning and care polishing in one product


Disc-Top closure for precision measuring of the leather cleaner


The only original with a sealed bottle! Thanks to the tamper-evident closure, our bottles are hygienically sealed and protected. 

Our product gives leather material a shiny, brilliant look. The perfect finishing touch for leather!
beGLOSS leather care cleans your leather while keeping it soft and supple.

beGLOSS - Made in Germany


Always read product information before use, keep closed and out of the reach of children. Do not swallow!