Easy Glide Pump Spray

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beGLOSS EASY GLIDE PREMIUM SPRAY - Easy Glide - Pure Feeling - This latex PREMIUM dressing aid maintains and distributes itself much faster and much better than regular EASY GLIDE. Due to the special viscosity, you use much less latex dressing aid and it is particularly suitable for thin & sensitive latex. Distribute quickly and easily using the premium spray head. The hand spray bottle even works overhead. An ideal dressing aid which gives excellent sliding properties and a particularly comfortable fit on the skin.

Thanks to our beGLOSS formula, EASY GLIDE is very effective. beGLOSS EASY GLIDE Premium Spray makes it much easier to put on and take off latex clothing.

This ideal support provides excellent gliding properties which is especially suitable for skin-tight latex catsuits or leggings. It protects particularly thin, fine and sensitive latex clothing from overstretching & tearing and material fatigue, significantly increases the brilliance of transparent latex and the service life of latex clothing.

beGLOSS Easy GLIDE is dermatologically tested & free from additives

The latex comfort is more pleasant, and the skin dries immediately after taking off the latex clothing.

The latex dressing aid gives a simple and smooth "slip-in" feeling! The first time you use beGLOSS EASY GLIDE, you can feel the pure glide feeling of latex clothing.

This extraordinary and stimulating latex feeling is long-lasting!

beGLOSS EASY GLIDE PREMIUM SPRAY Protects against premature wear and sticking of latex clothing. beGLOSS Easy GLIDE has an antistatic effect and is also perfectly suitable for chlorinated latex.

This beGLOSS bottle is hygienically sealed with a tamper-evident film and protected against contamination and damage during transport.



  • Dermatologically tested for skin compatibility - Free from additives
  • Easy GILDE Premium Spray is very effective and you consume considerably less latex dressing aid
  • Fast and easy putting on and taking off latex clothing, gives excellent sliding properties
  • Is particularly suitable for thin & sensitive latex
  • Thanks to the pump spray head, the dressing aid can be distributed very quickly
  • Immediately 100% pure latex feeling
  • Also protects against premature wear and sticking
  • Antistatic, also perfectly suitable for chlorinated latex
  • Hygienically sealed bottle with tamper-evident film, protected against contamination
  • Bottle sealed for transport

Ingredients: Dimethyl Silicone Fluid

beGLOSS - Made in Germany