beGLOSS TALCUM POWDER - 120g tin - latex care powder - dressing aid and for the storage of latex and rubber clothes.

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beGLOSS TALCUM POWDER - 120g tin - latex care powder - dressing aid and for the storage of latex and rubber clothes.

For professional latex storage.

If you love your latex; then use beGLOSS Talc Powder!

Do you own latex clothing? Or do you want to store your latex clothing for a long time and only wear your latex clothing for very special occasions and events? 

beGLOSS talcum powder is ideal for these situations and has been specially developed for longer term storage of latex clothing.

Our pharmaceutical grade talcum powder is very high quality and free from additives which can damage the latex. In the case of long-term storage, this is enormously important since beGLOSS talcum powder adheres directly to the latex surface and possible pollutants could attack or dissolve the structure of the high-quality material over time. Therefore, we do not recommend using conventional household or industrial powders because these products were not developed with latex clothing in mind. 

How is latex clothing stored with beGLOSS talcum powder? - Very easily!

Important to note here:

1. Wash your latex clothing thoroughly.

2. Allow your latex clothing dry. They need to be completely dry.

3. Apply beGLOSS powder dry clothes.

4. Store your freshly powdered latex clothing in a breathable garment bag.

Apply the beGLOSS talc powder only on dry latex clothing.

 beGLOSS talcum powder application:

The most suitable option is a big bag or sack. Put your completely dry latex garment into the bag, then add 1 - 2 teaspoons of beGLOSS talcum powder. Close bag and shake vigorously.

Turn the latex clothing left and repeat the application. The beGLOSS talcum powder has been distributed on the latex and is now perfectly prepared for storage. 


We recommend storing your freshly powdered latex in a breathable garment bag. Butcher paper is ideal for smaller latex parts.

Take extra care with latex or accessories with metal accents (such as metal eyelets, zippered rivets, etc.) as these should have extra protection (such as sandwich paper)

The latex should be protected from light and stored in a dry room at room temperature.

When storing large and heavy latex pieces they should be stored hanging, so that no kinks or small cracks and brittleness occur.

Our recommendation for coloured - especially for white - latex: store this separately, so that no discoloration on other latex happens.

If necessary, protect with a paper sheet. This will prevent discolouration or stains which cannot be removed later. 

Latex powder - also serves as a latex dressing aid

Some latex lovers prefer powder. It is one of the oldest and easiest ways to put on latex clothing. beGLOSS talcum powder is easily spread on the inside of dry latex clothing.

Example: To treat a latex catsuit, close all the zips. Add 1 - 2 teaspoons of beGLOSS talcum power to the catsuit. Keep the sleeves and pant legs closed and shake the catsuit. The beGLOSS talcum powder is then distributed inside

The latex clothing is now ready for dressing.

Important and recommended:

Remove sharp objects such as jewellery, watches, piercings or rings

Your body should be absolutely free of oil, body lotions, skin creams or perfume. Because these products or ingredients can damage their latex.

Your body should be absolutely dry and not sweaty; because the sliding properties of the powder coating could become extremely impaired.

Then carefully put on the latex. Take your time. 

Precautions when putting on:

Do not use sharp objects or long fingernails when donning. (Prevention of damage, such as ripping.) For long fingernails we recommend you wear gloves.

Allow yourself time to get dressed. Carefully coat the latex clothing. Never pull on the latex material with your fingernails. Always use your fingertips.

Recommended: For latex catsuits, please make sure that the latex catsuit is properly aligned when donning. Pull the suit into the crotch, then slip on with your arms. Straighten out the latex catsuit and slowly close the zipper.

Avoid stretching movements when fitting.

Give yourself and the latex time to adapt to your body.

Latex powder (disadvantages):

Powder is difficult to remove from other textiles.

When using powder on worn latex, the sweat can carry the powder to the surface at the weaknesses and openings. 


Latex dressing help tip: Also try the latex dressing aid beGLOSS Easy Glide

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