PERFECT SHINE PREMIUM SPRAY - Hand-Pump-Spray - Latex Polishing for Latex Clothing

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<h3>INNOVATIVE LATEX care polish, that neither sticks nor smears!</h3> <p><br /><strong>ECONOMICAL</strong><br />This high-gloss care premium latex polish is very productive than normal latex polishes</p> <p><strong>BRILLIANCE</strong><br />It gives the latex clothing a professional, luxurious &amp; brilliant high-gloss look</p> <p><strong>FINISHING</strong><br />The innovative formulation ensures a resistant, long-lasting shine</p> <p><strong>MAINTENANCE</strong><br />Fabulous care and conditioning for high quality latex</p> <p><strong>SEALS</strong><br />Effective protection against wear and harmful influences</p> <p><strong>ODOUR NEUTRAL</strong><br />Without preservatives and unnecessary additives</p> <p><strong>STRETCH</strong><br />Helps to maintain the elasticity of the material</p> <p><strong>DRY</strong><br />The latex is completely dry despite its high gloss shine</p> <p><strong>PURE FEELING</strong><br />Velvety soft and smooth which reinforces the latex feeling with every touch</p> <p><strong>STYLISH</strong><br />Effectively prevents hair from sticking! (Recommended by stylists)&nbsp;</p>

beGLOSS Perfect Shine Premium Spray is an extraordinary high gloss latex polish which is much more

effective than regular latex polishes.

Our Premium Latex Spray is made according to our special beGLOSS formula and thanks to its specially

formulated viscosity, it is much more effective and very easy to use.


It only takes a very minimal amount of Perfect SHINE Premium Spray to bring out a gorgeous high gloss

shine which makes it considerably more economical, especially when used with our beGLOSS Wipe. Hair

and other clothing does not stick because once the polish is buffed in, the finish is dry to the touch.

Thanks to the very handy ergonomic hand pump spray head with perfect dosing nozzle, beGLOSS Perfect

Shine Spray is very easy to spray on and buff to a mirror finish.

Perfect Shine Premium Spray also works great for chlorinated latex.

Important note:

beGLOSS Perfect Shine Premium Pump Spray is an independent premium product and has different

properties to our beGLOSS Perfect Shine latex polish!

Each beGLOSS bottle is hygienically sealed at the factory with a tamper-evident seal and is therefore

protected against contamination and keeps each bottle leak free during transport.

Instructions for use are available on every beGLOSS product.

Special Features


The latex is absolutely dry to the touch despite the high gloss appearance


Gives the latex clothing a professional, luxurious & brilliant high-gloss look


The innovative formulation ensures a resistant, long-lasting shine


Fabulous care for high quality latex


Effective protection against wear and tear as well as harmful influences


Without preservatives or unnecessary additives


Maintains the elasticity of the material


Latex feels velvety soft and supple


Effectively prevents the hair from sticking to the latex! (recommended by stylists)


Suitable for all types of latex, including chlorinated latex and Datex


The premium latex polish is much more productive than conventional polishes


Due to its special viscosity, it can easily reach all areas


With a leak-proof hand pump spray head for easy use. Ideal for transportation

Ingredients: dimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane

beGLOSS - Made in Germany



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Internal product information for dealers only! - Do not use for publication.

Our Perfect SHINE Premium Spray differs significantly from our regular Perfect Shine as

well as other latex polishes.

Perfect SHINE Premium is not the same product as Perfect Shine as it has much

improved properties:


Perfect SHINE Premium features a specialised viscosity. This means that the polish can

be sprayed on and absorbed very quickly into the latex. Once dry, the latex surface is

completely dry to the touch.


Perfect SHINE Premium Spray is exceptionally economical!

(Our regular Perfect Shine requires 10-15 ml per polishing process,

with our Perfect Shine Premium Spray you only need 2-3 ml when used with our

beGLOSS Wipe)

Optimum results are achieved with our Perfect Shine Premium Spray when the latex has

been freshly washed beforehand. It must be absolutely clean - no dust, no oil, no grease

or latex polish residues.

Correct application

It is highly recommended to wash the latex clothing beforehand with our specialised

detergent SPECIAL WASH latex.

With our unique latex detergent, the latex is dry within a few minutes, then you can start

the polishing process immediately.

The polish must always be sprayed into the black surface of the beGLOSS WIPE cloth.

(Do not spray directly on to the latex under any circumstances. If you do this, you will

consume significantly more product and the spray mist will collect on the floor which can

increase the risk of an accident)

With the black side of our special polishing beGLOSS WIPE you distribute the polish onto

the freshly washed latex. Then polish your latex with the pink side until it is dry.

After the process, the latex is absolutely dry to the touch.



Application error

If the latex is not freshly washed or if the latex is dirty, you may require significantly more

polish and streaks may form.  The latex polish will dry and the latex surface will remain


Problems if it just doesn't work?

Get in touch with us and we will explain the process to you personally via video call


When used correctly, the polishing process takes a maximum of 5 minutes

Our regular Perfect SHINE polish cannot be used to refill a bottle of our

Perfect SHINE Premium Spray, this has a thicker viscosity and will not spray.

Our Perfect Shine composition features a special formulation with nano properties.

All seals from the spray head are of particularly high quality and the spray head comes with leakage protection. In addition, the spray gun can be locked with its built in slide.