SPECIAL WASH VINYL & PVC - Detergent for VINYL & PVC Clothing

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<p><strong>Our INNOVATION!</strong><br />beGLOSS Special Wash VINYL &amp; PVC - Special Wash &amp; Ultra Clean<br /><br /><strong>UNIQUE</strong><br />High quality cleaning with innovative formula, specially developed for vinyl &amp; PVC clothing<br /><br /><strong>HYGENIC</strong><br />The caring cleaner &amp; detergent for vinyl &amp; PVC clothing<br /><br /><strong>NEUTRALISES ODOURS</strong><br />Effectively removes all odours and residues from sweat, dirt, nicotine, deodorant and perfume&nbsp;<br /><br /><strong>DEGREASER</strong><br />Effectively removes oil and grease residues</p> <p><strong>PROTECTION</strong><br />Protects the sensitive vinyl &amp; PVC material (inner fabric &amp; vinyl &amp; PVC coating)<br /><br /><strong>UNIVERSAL</strong><br />Suitable for vinyl &amp; PVC &amp; vinyl-textile combinations.<br /><br /><strong>BRILLIANCE</strong><br />Perfect high gloss shine for Vinyl &amp; PVC clothing</p>

beGLOSS Special Wash Vinyl & PVC - Special Wash & Ultra Clean

Special Wash VINYL & PVC. The vegan high-gloss cleaner.

High-gloss detergents & special cleaner. Stubborn dirt and unpleasant smells are gently, quickly and effectively removed as it also conditions and gives the material back its flexibility.

Due to the care, the sensitive vinyl & PVC material remains flexible and is protected from cracking.

The instructions for use are printed on the bottle, explaining how to wash clothes gently, how to remove stains correctly as well as how to store vinyl and PVC clothing correctly and what to watch out for.

Vinyl & PVC clothing smelling unpleasant?

Odours such as sweat, cigarettes, perfume etc are neutralised with beGLOSS Special Wash after the cleansing process.


Never wear body lotion or deodorant with vinyl or PVC as the substances contained in them quickly attack the coating of the material and the fabric very. This can separate the material off its coating and can cause peeling. Items which have already been damaged should no longer be washed, as the washing process can further degrade the material.

Every beGLOSS bottle is hygienically sealed with a tamper-evident film and protected in the best possible way from transport damage and leakage.

Instructions for use are available on every beGLOSS product.


Labelling of the ingredients acc. Regulation EC No. 648/2004
<5% anionic surfactants
<5% amphoteric surfactants
<5% non-ionic surfactants

Further information: phenoxyethanol

UFI-No: XA00-C0F3-3004-Q6UJ

beGLOSS - Made in Germany


Vegan special detergent, free from animal testing


High quality cleaning with an innovative formula, specially developed for vinyl & PVC clothing!


The Caring Cleaner & Detergent is a specially designed detergent for VINYL & PVC clothing


Effectively removes all doors and residues from sweat, dirt, nicotine, deodorant and perfume


Effectively removes oil and grease residues

PROTECTS against cracking

Protects the sensitive vinyl material (inner fabric as well as the VINYL & PVC coating)


Suitable for vinyl, PVC & textile combinations.


Perfect high gloss sheen for vinyl & PVC clothing


High quality disc top closure for economical dosing. This enables economical, precise application and measuring.


The only original formula with a sealed bottle! Our detergent bottles are hygienically sealed and protected with a tamper-evident seal


Our 100,250 & 500ml beGLOSS bottles are securely sealed for transport

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Vegan Specialised detergent for vinyl & PVC clothing!
This detergent removes grease and neutralises odours.

This detergent is vegan and not tested on animals!

Many household cleaners contain ingredients which can attack the high-gloss material and its adhesive coating. The wash cycle becomes a risk to your vinyl and PVC clothing if you use a detergent that is not specially designed for it.

If washed incorrectly, the vinyl or PVC material quickly loses its shine and flexibility.

The adhesive coating of the PVC & vinyl material can also be attacked, worst case scenario, the layers become separated. This happens after repeated washing processes with an unsuitable detergent.

Also, if you use conventional household cleaners that smell of flowers or a fresh scent, your clothes will smell of them too.

Our specialised detergent is odourless and extends the lifespan of clothing.

Please pay close attention to the measuring instructions - this detergent is a concentrate. 

If you notice white streaks on the high-gloss material after washing, you have used too much detergent. Please repeat the washing process with a weaker ratio or rinse the item again with clear water.

We strongly recommend hand washing! This detergent is not suitable for the washing machine.

We recommend that you do not wear body lotion or deodorant with vinyl or PVC as they can quickly attack the adhesive coating of the vinyl material and fabric. This can cause separation and peeling.