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Passion - The Drive
Perfection - The Narrative


Fashionista's mantra:

Exclusive fashion must make an impression - immediately, far and wide.

However, this requires appropriate handling and care for the outfit.

- leather-artificial-leather-vinyl-wetlook-latex -

The variety of materials often requires a very different approach in each case.

The necessary step into science and research led, with the help of our laboratories and the experts in 2015, in the launch of the beGLOSS product family.

beGLOSS - Made In Germany
Development, production and bottling in Germany guarantees control, safety and reliability.
Supply chain with an optimized ecological balance, which in turn means our special detergents are vegan and environmentally friendly.

The beGLOSS mega-hubs Tokyo and Australia also ensure a smooth supply chain in most distant regions.

We continuously invest in new technologies as well as manufacturing and testing methods to ensure flawless and guarantee high product quality.

Our uncompromising further development in innovative products is valued worldwide and the quality guarantee is recognized as the core of the brand.

The beGLOSS product family has also established itself as a benchmark for fashion designers worldwide.
Top care performance established in the fashion world - that honors us.

In constant dialogue with our direct customers and sales partners worldwide, we are constantly developing the everchanging pulse of the time as well as regional trends - the echo of the fashionistas is our mission.

Not only in the network of friends in the metropolises of this world - we also place it on our website
Innovations with detailed documentation ready.

The feedback we receive confirms our course, which we will continue to adhere to in the future - with you - for you.

Celebrate fashion - everyday's catwalk.

beGLOSS Team