EASY GLIDE - Dressing Aid for Latex clothing

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<p><strong>beGLOSS Easy Glide Premium SPRAY</strong></p> <p><strong>Latex dressing aid - Dermatologically tested &amp; free from additives</strong><br />&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>EFFICIANT</strong><br />Preparing your latex clothing has never been so quick and easy!</p> <p><strong>ECONOMICAL</strong><br />Minimal consumption for maximum effectiveness.</p> <p><strong>EASY</strong><br />beGLOSS Easy Glide makes it extremely easy to put on and take off latex clothing!</p> <p><strong>GLIDES</strong><br />Gives the best sliding properties, particularly suitable for skin-tight latex catsuits or leggings!&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>FEEL</strong><br />Indescribable and pure silky smooth "slip-in" LATEX feeling!&nbsp;</p> <p>This extraordinary stimulating latex feeling is long-lasting!</p> <p><strong>PROTECTS</strong><br />Protects the latex from overstretching &amp; prevents tearing as well as material fatigue!&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>BRILLIANCE</strong><br />Significantly increases the brilliance of transparent latex!</p>

beGLOSS Easy Glide - LATEX dressing aid


Latex dressing aid with excellent gliding properties which is particularly suitable for skin-tight latex catsuits

or leggings. Easy Glide protects the latex from overstretching and tearing.

beGLOSS Easy Glide is dermatologically tested for skin tolerance!


Especially good for sensitive skin, does not cause allergies or rashes.


Thanks to the high-quality disc top closure with economical pouring spout, the beGLOSS Easy Glide is super easy to measure and pour.


Instructions for use are available on every beGLOSS product.


The beGLOSS 100, 250, 500 ml bottle is hygienically sealed with a tamper-evident film which also protects it from damage in transit.


The 1000 ml bottle & 2500 ml canister have a tamper-evident closure. All are hygienically sealed & protected from contamination.

Special Features

- beGLOSS Easy Glide is dermatologically tested for skin compatibility

- Free from additives and preservatives

- Especially good for sensitive skin - will not cause allergic reactions or rashes

- Quick and easy dressing and undressing when it comes to latex clothing

- Gives excellent gliding properties, even with the presence of an abundance of body hair

- Antistatic, also perfect for chlorinated latex

- Comes with a flip top lid and economical pouring spout

- Bottle comes factory hygienically sealed for transport with tamper-evident foil to guard against germs

Ingredients: Dimethyl Silicone Fluid

beGLOSS - Made in Germany


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Internal product information for dealers only! - Do not use for publication.

Our classic latex dressing aid Easy GLIDE differs from our Easy Glide Premium Spray!

It is not the same product, this product has different properties than our premium spray.

It is thicker in consistency and cannot be sprayed.

The wearing comfort on the skin is also different than with our premium spray.

Test for yourself

You can clearly feel the difference when you put the Easy Glide Classic or the Easy Glide Premium Spray on your fingertips and rub it in.


There are latex dressing aids for people who prefer both types of dressing aids, so we recommend adding both of them to your range.


Our Easy Glide Classic cannot be used as a refill bottle for our Easy Glide Premium Spray.