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Note: Please understand that we only issue our Media Pack & product images after a B2B order has been received.

Attached is our new beGLOSS Media PACK – 2023 Version 10 (release date April 2023)

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Our beGLOSS image formats are adapted and scaled by our designer for your online shop.

When ordering the Media Pack, please specify your website so that our design team can create the beGLOSS product photos perfectly scaled for your online shop.

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We have revised all beGLOSS product images and created detailed descriptive texts for each item.

There is also an Excel file with all the additional information on the EAN codes and customs tariff numbers...

Our beGLOSS product images are all high-resolution, there are different views, are also available as cropped images or with a white or black background.

Please update all beGLOSS product photos used as they are no longer up-to-date.

The legal requirements of the new EU rules 2023 have also been adjusted.

Our old product images will lose their validity on June 1st, 2023. All publication rights have expired.

Please note that our beGLOSS Media Pack must always be ordered.

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