beGLOSS PERFECT SHINE 1000 ML Ultimate Latex Polish and care for latex clothing

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beGLOSS Perfect Shine - Perfect Shine & Sensitive Care

Optimal and professional high gloss and gentle intensive care

Polish and Conditioning in one

Give your latex the attention it deserves

Only provide your most precious items with the best products and they will spoil you forever with their PERFECT SHINE

The care polish refines your latex by sealing the sensitive material after washing and thus protecting it from wear and harmful influences

By sealing beGLOSS Perfect Shine gives the latex a special brilliance 


You can read about how to take good care of your latex in our care instructions below

We explain how to wash your latex clothing, care for them, store the latex clothes correctly and things to consider


Perfect latex high gloss, finishing of latex clothing

Intensive conditioning 

Effective protection against everyday wear and harmful influences

Without preservatives and unnecessary additives

Prevents latex from sticking

Inexpensively gives a perfect glossy look

Keeps the latex soft and smooth

Suitable for storing latex as we do not use any preservatives 

• Suitable for all types of latex (chlorinated latex etc)

• Practical disc-top closure with economical outlet for easy measuring


Ingredients: 100 % Dimethicone

beGLOSS - Made in Germany


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