beGLOSS PERFECT SHINE PREMIUM Spray The lubricant for the polish for Latex

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beGLOSS Perfect Shine Premium Spray - Perfect Shine & Sensitive Care - Latex Polish Pump Spray


With the beGLOSS Perfect Premium Spray we present an exceptional latex care polishing product which perfectly combines the properties of luxury and preservation.

Immerse yourself in the world of exceptional feeling and a perfect latex look

Enjoy your latex free in the fashion world and be independent! 

Dare to enjoy the unlimited possibilities that become apparent when you have beGLOSS Perfect Shine Premium Spray:

Thanks to our innovative composition, there is no sticking.

Either with hair, or with textile! 

Specially developed for your style, ONLY Perfect Shine Premium Spray has the ability to be used completely independently, without affecting your remaining look. 

Note: beGLOSSs Perfect Shine Premium Pump Spray is an independent premium product and has other properties like our beGLOSS Perfect Shine!


The latex is completely dry to the touch despite its high gloss

It gives latex clothing a professional, luxurious & brilliant high-gloss look

The innovative mode of action ensures a resistant, long-lasting shine

Fabulous care for high quality latex

Effective protection against wear and harmful influences

Without preservatives and unnecessary additives

Maintains the elasticity of the material

Velvety soft and smooth, it reinforces the latex feeling with every touch


Effectively prevents hair from sticking! (Recommended by stylists)

Suitable for all types of latex, including chlorinated latex and Datex

Our premium latex polish is much more productive than conventional polishes

Thanks to its special viscosity, it can reach all places without any problems


With leak-proof hand pump spray head for easy application. Ideal for transportation


Suitable for storing latex as we do not use any preservatives 

This product is specially designed for use with the beGLOSS wipe and was specifically developed for it. The premium spray only works in combination with our beGLOSS Wipe latex polishing cloth!

Each beGLOSS bottle is hygienically sealed with a tamper-evident film and thus protected against possible contamination and damage during transport. 

Ingredients: Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane

beGLOSS - Made in Germany


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