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beGLOSS Latex CARE Products

With our Special Wash & Perfect Shine products you achieve professional

Latex care and latex cleaning in no time. Whether undressed,

dressed,alone or in pairs - with beGloss, latex care is child's play.

Our latex care sets for every occasion.

Whether for on the go or our latex premium set.

The perfect gift for latex lovers

Latex care with beGLOSS means gentle latex cleaning and high-quality care

Latex care becomes child's play with beGLOSS. We have simplified and perfected the latex cleaning processwith our Special Wash & Perfect Shine products. You achieve professional latex care and latex cleaning in no time. Whether undressed, dressed, alone or in pairs - with our special wash & perfect shine products you finish the job with excellent results in latex care and latex cleaning.

Our beGLOSS products are also very suitable for professional photographers.

It may be advisable to use the Perfect SHINE Aerosol SPRAY as your latex high-gloss polish outside the studio to prevent slipping accidents during the shoot. Indoors on the other hand, our new, innovative latex care polish Perfect SHINE Premium SPRAY with the companion beGLOSS wipe can be used to get the perfect, dry to the touch high gloss shine. With this method, the latex clothing is neither sticky nor greasy, and the shine is retained for a long time. The latex surface is completely dry. The latex care polish leaves no residue on other clothing or furniture when you sit down or put on other clothing.

When used correctly, you are: "No longer the greasy or sticky model on the go."

With this application, every hairstyle remains flawless, since the hair does not stick to the latex care polish. This is a particularly popular feature with photo models.

The beGLOSS range for latex cleaning and latex care includes the following applications:

With the latex cleaning Special WASH LATEX and the Perfect SHINE latex care polish, you can achieve perfect latex care and latex cleaning in just a few steps.

The silicone latex oil, our high-gloss Perfect Shine latex care polish, gives latex clothing a professional high-gloss look which does not stick. It is the perfect high-gloss finish for your latex clothing.

In addition, the beGLOSS Perfect SHINE polish offers effective protection against wear and harmful influences. beGLOSS seals your latex clothing.

The latex clothing can best be polished when dressed. The polishing process is thus completed much quicker due to body heat. Your partner will enjoy doing this for you.

The latex polish can also be applied if no partner is present. To do this, put your latex clothing on a soft towel and polish it yourself.

For putting on latex, our dressing aid Easy Glide is recommended. Not only can putting on latex be really exhausting but if you rush or are being careless, you can quickly cause damage by tearing the latex. So it’s a no brainer to use a good quality dressing aid. beGLOSS Easy Glide makes it much easier to put on & take off latex clothing. In addition, it creates a particularly pleasant feeling on the skin. So you can put it on or take it off and the latex care works as a comfortable all-round protection.

The beGLOSS Special Wash latex detergent is recommended for latex cleaning. Special Wash is also the perfect pre-treatment for repairs to latex clothing. This is how latex cleanses grease, oil and skin residues. Only cleaned latex clothing will shine perfectly. beGLOSS Special Wash Latex - It also removes and neutralises odours.

In order to prevent latex clothing from sticking, our beGLOSS latex powder is also suitable as a dressing aid, which also enables latex clothing to be put on quickly and easily. It is also perfect for latex care if the latex is to be stored for a long time. Our powder is also a suitable alternative as a latex dressing aid and for latex storage for anyone who prefers not to use silicone oil.

beGLOSS PERFECT SHINE - Perfect Shine & Sensitive Care - Optimal and professional high gloss - latex look and gentle latex care.

The silicone latex oil, the high-gloss latex care polish, gives latex clothing a high-gloss latex look. The perfect high-gloss finishing touch for latex clothing.

beGLOSS Perfect Shine care polish provides effective protection against wear and harmful influences. beGLOSS seals rubber and latex clothing!

The silicone oil / care product for protection, wear and care comfort. Latex polish and care in one. The silicone based latex oil is a perfect latex care / polishing agent.

beGLOSS - EASY GLIDE & INSTANT FEELING – Dressing aid for Latex - and rubber clothing

beGLOSS EASY GLIDE makes it easier to put on rubber and latex clothing. An ideal dressing aid gives excellent sliding properties and a particularly comfortable fit on the skin. The latex dressing aid gives a simple and smooth "slip-in" feeling! The first time you use beGLOSS EASY GLIDE, you can feel the pure glide feeling of latex clothing. This extraordinary and stimulating latex feeling is long-lasting!

beGLOSS SPECIAL WASH LATEX - latex care detergent for latex and rubber clothing

beGLOSS SPECIAL WASH LATEX - Special Wash & Ultra Clean - gentle special detergent for the care and intensive cleaning of rubber & latex clothing.

SPECIAL WASH is the perfect pre-treatment for repairs to rubber & latex clothing. Complete removal of nicotine, grease, oil and skin residues. 

beGLOSS LATEX POWDER - quick and easy to put on latex and rubber clothing

Dust the TALKUM POWDER lightly on or within the latex clothing to make dressing easier and to prevent the rubber & latex clothing from sticking.

The 100% pharmaceutical talcum powder (no industrial talcum) is perfect for storing rubber & latex clothing - also for handling when not in use for a long time.

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