beGLOSS PERFECT SHINE - Latex Polish - Ultimate high gloss shine

beGLOSS PERFECT SHINE - Perfect Shine & Sensitive Care - Latex Polish Optimal and Professional High Gloss Shine and Product Care - The lubricant for the polish care of rubber & latex garments. This polish provides a protective coating preventing against the wear and tear on rubber & latex clothing.

beGLOSS EASY GLIDE - Pure Feeling - Slip into rubber & latex garments

fast and easy with our lubricant dressing aid.beGLOSS EASY GLIDE makes getting into rubber & latex clothing simple. The amazing sliding features enhances the stimulating feeling on skin.
Enjoy the sensational „Slip-in“ feeling! Already at first use, experience the pure glide feeling getting into latex. This senstional and stimulating feeling is long-lasting!

beGLOSS SPECIAL WASH LATEX - Special Wash & Ultra Clean - gentle cleaning agent for the care and intensive purification of rubber & latex garments.

Special Wash & Ultra Clean - gentle cleaner for the care and intensive purification of rubber & latex garments. This special cleaner provides an odorless and hygienic treatment of rubber & latex garments.
beGLOSS SPECIAL WASH removes dirt, skin, fat and oil residues. The treatment maintains and protects the clothing thereby increasing the lifespan and durability. 

beGLOSS CLEAN & CARE - Ultra Clean & Sensitive Care - Latex Cleaner effectively cleans rubber & latex clothing fast and easy

Ultra Clean Sensitive Care – the fast, effective deep cleaner and gentle care. The fast and easy-going latex cleaner, beGLOSS CLEAN & CARE, coats your clothing with a protective layer that prevents sticking and extends the lifespan of the clothing.  The deep cleaner thoroughly eliminates and neutralises odors.

beGLOSS TALCUM POWDER - Latex Powder Dressing Aid - slip into rubber & latex garments fast and easy
The pharmaceutical TALCUM POWDER is the ideal dressing aid for those wanting something other than silicone. It protects and prevents sticking of rubber & latex garments.
Lightly apply the high quality powder on or in rubber & latex garments therefore making it easier getting dressed. The powder offers a smooth sliding film on the skin.




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