Maison Catanzaro

House of Catanzaro has been working to make you feel sexy and feminine for THREE generations. The story began a long time ago when Italian immigrants came to France. Patrice Catanzaro, whose father and mother were tailors, simply grew up surrounded by incredible women who captured his imagination since childhood. Years later, his daughter, Charlotte Catanzaro, joined the company.

"Since my childhood I have been immersed in the glitz and glamor, letting myself be lulled by the scents of the fabrics and the feel of the textiles... and made so many beautiful memories with my father: the canvas prototypes that he brought me where I "his princess", his shining look when he organized parades, his Paris studio that became my amusement park, his pincushion in which I formed a little heart...

My father passed on to me his passion for creating, the love of a job well done, and the importance of pursuing your dreams. All that glitters is not gold, but it can become gold through the alchemy of imagination, work and magic... combined with a touch of madness! I threw myself into the family adventure 7 years ago and got to know all areas of this wonderful profession, from processing to production.

It's only natural that art direction and creating a brand in my image came naturally. This is how Impudique was born, the expression of the nakedness of a dream, without shame and without complexes.

Consider it my signature in this world where I already have a name, that of my father, Patrice Catanzaro, and which today I tame with my first name, Charlotte. Impudique defies the codes of traditional lingerie and corresponds to the French house Catanzaro.

Maison Catanzaro